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My very first award was received on January 18th, 2002

This is just the beginning of the awards I've received for my old website at Angelfire.
I hope you enjoy them, as I share them with you. Please be sure to visit the sites where they came from.
You will find the url provided for each as they were given to me.
I want to thank everyone who has awarded me for my site on Angelfire.
As everyone knows it takes a lot of time and effort to put a website together.
I am hoping you will enjoy my *new* site here with
Brave Net as much as you did with Angelfire
Hugs & Smiles to each of you!!!


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Hello Shari,
   My name is Mary
I am the webmistress for Angels in the Sky web site. On behalf of myself & the owner of our site, we are presenting you with this Angels Award.
   We feel your site is well worth this Award. It is very informational, and it is gorgeous. Keep up the wonderful work.
Below is a link to Angels in the Sky:
[Angels Award]
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Hello Shari, My name is Cathy and I am the webmistress for "Some Call It Heaven" web site.  It is my sincere pleasure to present you on behalf of the site owner, "Mr. Joe Anderson" with Some Call It Heaven's Special Site Award.  You have a wonderful site and it is well deserved.
Below is a link to Some Call It Heaven:
[Special Site Award]

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I am presenting you with this award of excellence. I found your web site to be of great interest.
Good Luck in all that you may try.
[Web Design Award]
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Shari; Someone wanted to present you with this wonderful award. We believe you are a wonderful and caring person. If you will please accept this award, on our behalf.
[Kindness Award]
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Hello Shari, wow, I visited your site and I must say I enjoyed my visit tremendously, I love what you have done, and the tutorials are very helpful, I have sent you this award, which I must say your site is very deserving of :)......
Hugs and thanks for sharing you wonderful site with me....Bonita.
[Angelic Award]
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On behalf of CFC "Country Festive Center"
We are giving you this award for having an Excellent Web Site
God Bless.
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Shari you have been awarded this Special Award
For having such a Wonderful Web Site. Keep up the great work.
Hugs Toni
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This Award is Very Special
Thanks Cat.
I love you Forever
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