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I hope that you are having a nice visit...On this page you will find all kinds of links to many interesting sites. You will find links for Computer Help, Outlook Express Stationery, Desktop Wallpapers, Greeting Cards, and much more. Most of these are my favorites. I will be adding more as time allows me too.

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*Thanks* Shari

Before you click on any of the links below. If you place your cursor over the given name, and look on the bottom bar of this page it will show you the url of the web site.
 Computer Help  
HOAXES (Non-Profit)
CNET (C-net)
Many PC Help Links (Freeware)
Speed Guide   (PC. Help)
Tech TV    (Tech-TV)
Windows 95/98/ME (Tips & Tricks)
PcPitStop (Great Online Helper)
My Wallpapers (many to chose from)
My Backgrounds (some really nice ones)
Screensavers (nature)
Backgrounds (freebackgrounds)
Wallpaper (Scripture)
Wallpaper- Etc (Vanderweb)
Wallpaper (Mountain Images)
Wallpaper - Screensavers (Bj Creations)

Stationery (Tom & Aprils)
Stationery (Pampered)
Stationery (ThunderCloud Helper)
Stationery (ThunderCloud)
Stationery (Dreamland)
Stationery (Kays) 100's of sites
Stationery (Mrs. Meep)
Stationery (Serrah)
Stationery (Stationery Heaven)

Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards (American Greetings)
Greeting Cards (Among the Angels)
Greeting Cards (Reflection NoteCards)
Greeting Cards (Annie Reb)
Greeting Cards (Lake Cards) Java
Greeting Cards (Hallmark)
Greeting Cards (ICQ Greetings)
Greeting Cards (Fun Stuff)
Greeting Cards (Card Lobby)
Greeting Cards (Cool Works)
Greeting Cards (Cuddle Cards)
Greeting Cards (Spiritual Cards)
Greeting Cards (Singing Cards)
Greeting Cards (Reflective Greetings)
Greeting Cards (River Song)
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