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    Hello and welcome to my Scrolling background page.
Here I will do my best to explain how to make your web pages and your Outlook Express Email backgrounds scroll. 
    On this page is an example of what a scrolling background page will look like. Actually it is not that hard to make any background scroll, in your OE emails or your web pages.
You can use a side scroll like what's on here or you can use a full page background for the scroll. 
    The best thing to do is. Highlight and copy all of the text below from the small boxes. Then copy it to your notepad and Save it, so you can use it over and over again.

This is a two (2) part script.

Right click inside the small box then click on Select all
Then click on Copy, do this with all the boxed scripts
Copy the scripts from the boxes below, paste them in your Windows Notepad or Word Pad.
(In order given leaving a space in between each). Make the changes you want, then upload them to your web shell as follows.
The Advanced Web Shell will give you the beginning tags
and the closing tags  
This first script will be placed after the first in your web shell
This second script will be placed after your tag
Here you would change the name of your picture.
If your web page is you would change the background picture name in the to something like (background="/my/site/then your picture name.gif")
you can use a gif picture (or) a jpg picture 
(Don't forget to upload the picture you want to use for your scrolling background to your web shell) 
You can set the margin for your text using this scrolling background script. By changing the 250px in the  These are after the section in your source, Just Right click inside the small box below left click on Select All then left click on copy then go to your new message source and left click between the 2 styles (you should see a flashing line cursor) Then right click where the flashing line is and left click on paste. Now you have added the 1st part to your source

Step 1: Place between

 Follow the same Steps as you did in the above script, with the Select All, Copy, Paste.. The only difference here is you will place the below script just after the in your source.
Step 2: Place this after the
Outlook Express Users:
When you are finished adding both parts to your New Message Email Source. After you have done this, On the bottom of your page click on EDIT. Then on the top of your page, Click on Format, Arrow to Background, Click on Picture, Click on Browse. From here you will navigate your way to a folder where you have some pictures stored. (Most any picture will work). Once you find a picture you want to use, Click on OPEN, then Click OK.. Now you should have your picture on your New Message Email.. To see if it will scroll, on the bottom of your New Message Click on Preview. Now you can go back to the bottom Click on Edit and Left Click inside the white area and type your message and send it as you normally would any other email message.
If you would like to save this Script for later use. Before you do any letter writing, While in your New Message Source, you can Right Click, Select All, Copy. Then bring up your Notepad or Word pad (I use Notepad) On there you can Right Click and Paste the script to your notepad. Then Click on File Click on Save As. Be sure to name this script, and place it in a folder that is easy for you to get to Like My Documents Folder.  Then when you want to use this scrolling background script, again. You will open the folder where you saved this text script too open the scrolling notepad text. Right click, Select All, Copy..Then in your Email Source Right Click, Select All, To highlight everything in your source.THEN Right click again leaving everthing highlighted, and click on Paste.. Now you have just edited the source. On the bottom click onto Preview and see if your new email message is there and scrolling.
Below  IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE of what the source will look like after you paste the script into your email new message source..
Do not copy this as it will not work.
Make a note that if you are not happy with the margin of your text you can always go back into your email source and change the  250px  # to suit your needs. (Only the 250 though)
The smaller the # the farther left your text will go, the larger the # the farther right your text will go.
Also you change the picture that is scrolling by going back into the Format, Background, Picture, And Browsing for a new picture to replace the one already there.
For Outlook Express users who do not know how to get into their new message source page.
(I only know of this working for OE 5.x and up) It may work for older versions, and other email programs, but I'm not sure. You may have to do a hunt and find on the top of the new message browser to find these things.
The button below is a page you can print out with my information.
Once the print page is fully loaded just go up to the top of the web page, and Click onto file then click on print.