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Click the console arrow button
After the song is completely loaded to hear:
"Happy Trails" By: Dale Evans & Roy Rogers
Trailing Cursors aren't that hard to make. On this page you will learn how to make a long trail, like you see here. This will work for both your web pages, and Outlook Express users.
I don't know if it will work for any other kind of E-mail program or not! Sorry..
I'm sure all of you have seen the trails on other sites with only six trails to them. 
But if you look close this trailing cursor has (12) trails on it.
*Pretty Cool*, huh?

For web page users, and OE email users right click on the following picture, click on "Save Picture As" and save it to your hard drive. You can save this gif directly to your desktop, or place it in a folder. But either way please make sure of where it has been saved as we will want to use it, for the trails.
 Copy this gif  rose from here 
Be sure the File Name is  rose.gif

Later on you can use other gifs for your trails, but for now lets just use this rose.

For both Web page & OE users, we are going to be using our Windows Notepad, for copying & pasting the coded script from there you can upload this Trailing script into your web editing page or into your Outlook Express email source.
Be sure to copy the following script from the small box below.
This is a Very long script so be sure to copy it all.

To highlight & copy:
From the small box below, (Wait a few seconds to let the trails settle down) After they have stopped Right click inside the box, then left click on Select All, Right click again, then left click on Copy.
There you have it you have just copied the code.
Ok now, that we have saved the rose gif and copied the code above.
We need to bring up your Windows notepad, if you haven't done so already.
The path is usually (Start, Programs, Accessories, Notepad)... .When your notepad comes up, you will see a blank page. Now left click inside the white area, then right click, and left click on paste. This will place the code inside your notepad.. Now is a good time to save this code in the same folder you saved the rose.gif

I've created a shortcut on my desktop for my notepad as I use it all the time. To do this when you get to your notepad under the Start menu. Right click on the word notepad and move to send to, then left click on send to desktop (create shortcut) This will place an icon on your desktop and is much easier to get to when you need your notepad again

To save the notepad script. On the top Title bar left click on File, then left click on Save As. Be sure to type in a name for your script. Then navigate to the folder you saved the gif in, once you are there, click on Save. And the script will be copied in that folder.. Leaving you the original script to work with.
For Outlook Express Emails.
On the bottom of this page I've included a butterfly button, where you can go to open a new window for the printout info.
On what you will need to do to get this trail to work in your E-mails. Your directions will be a lot different than for a web page.
For Web Pages
After you have Copied & Pasted the above script, and saved the gif comes the fun part. This isn't really that hard to do. But you will need to follow my directions, carefully for the trails to work in your web pages.
If you have not Uploaded the rose.gif to your web shell. Please do so now.
You may want to create a subdirectory file and place this gif inside it.
After you have uploaded the gif (rose.gif) to your web shell directory, remember the path you have taken to upload it.
EXAMPLE: if your web site is and you placed the gif in a subdirectory named images.. Then the editing on note pad will also follow that path.
EXAMPLE: /my/page/images/rose.gif
Now from within your notepad we need to do some modifying..
So scroll up until you are at the top of the notepad page. Then every where you see
You will have to do some editing to each and everyone of the  
By adding the path you took to uploading the gif to your web shell.
Continue making these changes until you have all of the
  changed They will start at
and end at
That's it we are done with making our changes...
Please do not change any thing else on the coded script.
Now you need to open your web shell, if you don't already have it open.
If you have already created a html file page that you would like your trailing cursor to be on, then open that file to its editing page. Scroll through the html source, until you find the this is where we will be placing our trailing cursor script. Once you find the html go back to your notepad where you have your modified script.
Now we will be Copying & Pasting this script right after the tag of your editing web page. 
So to copy & paste all we do is bring up the notepad script, right click left click on Select ALL, right again and left click on Copy..
Now go back to your web editing page. And left click right after the completed tag then right click in the same spot and left click on Paste.
Now your trailing cursor script should be on your editing page.. You may want to preview now, to make sure everything is working.. If so then please be sure to Save your work..
I hope this works for you, I myself love the trailing cursors..
Outlook Express users, please click on the butterfly, for a printout version, for using trailing cursors in your E-mails.
Please allow the trails to settle down before you click the butterfly. *grin* 
Click here.For the print page

Happy Trails.